Restringing Service

  • Professional electronic restringing service is provided to ensure that you receive the most accurate and highest quality restring possible. Using HEAD TE-3300 as used at ATP/WTA Events including Indian Wells & Rio.
  • Where required racquets can be picked up within 24hrs.
  • Racquets can be stencilled with racquet brand logo after each restring.

String Information & Prices

Recommended for Competition & Advanced players – Durability, Spin & Control
HEAD Lynx (1.25mm/17G, Yellow, Red, Green, Black)$40
HEAD Lynx Tour (1.25mm/17G, Champagne, Grey, Black)$40
HEAD Lynx Touch (1.25mm/17G, Grey)$40
HEAD Hawk (1.25mm/17G, White)$40
HEAD Hawk Power (1.25mm/17G, Champagne, Grey, Black)$40
HEAD Hawk Touch (1.25mm/17G, Grey)$40
HEAD Sonic Pro (1.25/17G, Black)$40
Solinco Hyper-G (1.15mm/18G, 1.20mm 17G, 1.25mm/16L G, Green)$40
Solinco Hyper-G Soft (1.20mm 17G, 1.25mm/16L G, Green)$40
Solinco Tour Bite (1.15mm/18G, 1.20mm 17G, 1.25mm/16L G, Grey)$40
Solinco Tour Bite Diamond Rough (1.15mm/18G, 1.20mm 17G, 1.25mm/16L G, Grey)$40
Solinco Confidential (1.15mm/18G, 1.20mm 17G, 1.25mm/16L G, Grey)$40
Yonex Poly Tour Pro (1.25mm/16G, Yellow)$40
Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power (1.25mm/17G, Grey)$45
Ideal for Social & Competition players – Power & Comfort
HEAD Synthetic Gut (1.30mm/16G, Blue, Black)$35
HEAD PWR Fusion (1.30mm/16G, Grey, Blue)$35
HEAD Velocity MLT (1.30mm/16G, Black)$40
Babolat Addixion (1.30mm/16G, White)$40
Babolat Synthetic Gut (1.30mm/16G, Blue)$30
Polytec Synthetic Gut (1.35mm/15G, Red, Green, Pink Power, Rainbow) $30
=Other strings/prices available on demand. Hybrid/Combination Stringing available.
Restring – Your Own String (Labour Cost)$22
HEAD HydroSorb Pro Replacement Grip (Black, White)$18
HEAD Softac Traction Replacement Grip (Black)$14
HEAD Extreme Pro or Prime Tour Overgrips (Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow)$4 or 3 for $10
HEAD Vibration Dampners (Pack of 2)$10