The Game of Errors in Tennis: How to Dodge Common Mistakes

Tennis, a sport of finesse and strategy, demands precision and skill. Yet it’s common to stumble upon errors that can cost you crucial points in a match. 

Let’s explore some typical mistakes encountered on the court and ways to evade them, enhancing your game performance.

Unforced Errors

These are errors that occur due to your own mistakes, without significant pressure from your opponent. Common unforced errors include hitting the ball into the net or out of bounds. To mitigate these, focus on maintaining consistency in your strokes during practice sessions, emphasising control and accuracy.

Double Faults

Serving a double fault can hand your opponent easy points. Concentrate on your service technique, ensuring a consistent toss and proper ball placement. Practise your serves regularly to build confidence and consistency, decreasing the likelihood of double faults.

Lack of Footwork

Poor footwork can lead to mistimed shots or an inability to reach the ball. Work on your footwork drills to enhance agility and speed on the court. Developing swift movements will help you reach and hit the ball effectively, increasing your court coverage.


Sometimes, the temptation to hit a powerful shot can lead to overhitting, resulting in the ball going out or into the net. Focus on control and precision rather than sheer force. Practise different shot techniques to find the right balance between power and accuracy.

Mental Errors

Mental lapses such as losing focus or getting frustrated can hinder your performance. Stay composed and focused during the game. Practise mindfulness and breathing exercises to maintain a calm and composed mindset, enabling you to make better decisions under pressure.

Poor Shot Selection

Making the wrong shot choices at crucial moments can cost you points. Work on your shot variety and decision-making abilities. Learn when to play offensive or defensive shots based on the game situation.

Remember, overcoming these errors takes consistent practice, patience, and a positive mindset. By identifying and rectifying these mistakes, you can elevate your game and become a more formidable player on the court. Practise diligently, seek guidance from coaches, and most importantly, enjoy the game!

At Meehan Tennis Academy, we focus on improving our players’ skills, helping them dodge common errors and excel on the court. Join us to enhance your game and reach new heights in tennis!