Mastering the Serve: Perfecting Your Technique

There are numerous elements and techniques within the game of tennis, and today we’re going to dissect one of the most crucial – the art of the serve. Whether you’re a junior player just starting out in Hot Shots, or a seasoned professional looking to fine-tune your skills, a powerful and accurate serve can be a game-changer on the court.

The Foundation: Grip and Stance

Your serve’s success begins with a solid foundation, starting with your grip. At Meehan Tennis Academy, we emphasise the importance of the continental grip, connecting it with your playing style. Our coaches work with players to ensure they feel comfortable and confident in their grip.

Equally vital is the stance. A well-balanced and dynamic stance not only enhances your ability to generate power, but also facilitates a smooth transition into the rest of your shot. Our expert coaches tailor stance recommendations to suit individual player strengths and playing styles.

Precision in the Toss

The ball toss is often underestimated, but plays a pivotal role in the serve’s execution. Consistency is key, and it’s best for players to develop a reliable toss that suits their serving motion. Explore the ideal toss height, placement, and timing to optimise your serve’s effectiveness.

The Loading Stage

The loading stage, or sometimes known as the ‘trophy position’, is where the player’s knees are bent (to load the hips), their non-dominant arm has continued up after releasing the ball toss (to facilitate shoulder tilt), and their dominant arm is in an ‘L’ shape ready to perform an overarm throw type movement. This is the most important stage of the serve.

The Follow-Through: Bringing It All Together

A powerful and accurate serve is not just about the initial motion; the follow-through is equally critical. A smooth, controlled follow-through ensures players maintain balance and control after the serve, with the player finishing inside the court in an arabesque position. 

Having a well-executed follow-through and position contributes to accuracy and helps prevent injuries by promoting a natural and fluid motion.

Whether you’re a junior player taking your first steps on the court or a seasoned professional seeking to refine your technique, Meehan Tennis Academy offers personalised coaching programs to suit your needs. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to helping you master the art of the serve, tailoring lessons to your individual strengths and areas for improvement.
Contact us today to work towards a more powerful and accurate serve that will leave your opponents in awe. Game on!